Reggae Band

This is a team that we are both familiar with and unfamiliar with. They are from Reggae Bar. They are from Indonesia. They are - Reggae.
Young people in Indonesia are influenced by western music when they are young, and European and American music is like pop music in their own country.European and American English songs are their favorite, At Reggae, there is authentic Reggae live show, and the singer with strong vocal skills!
Reggae band won the first prize of Indonesian Bar Band Competition in 2011.They are the only band to the accompaniment of Indonesian Beach Music Festival. In 2014, Reggae band won the third prize in Indonesian Rock Music Competition.
Team member of Reggae Band: Annga,the drummer,won the second prize in National Drum King Contest in 2012; The singer won the second prize in Indonesian National Singer Contest in 2013,and won the first prize in Indonesian National Bar Singer Contest in 2014.
Music conquers all obstacles between us. Let us share music together,and enjoy wonders brought by Reggae Band!