The Founding Background of Cixi REGGAE Bar

Reggae is Cixi's first bar featuring reggae music.

Reggae is one of Jamaican pop music that evolved from Ska and Rock Steady, also known as Reggie.In fact, it is hard to distinguish clearly between Rock Steady and Reggae.But the latter is more exquisite than the former, using more electro-acoustic instruments and more internationalized.If Ska music is only a kind of Latin American pop music, then Reggae has been one of European and American mainstream rock music.
Reggae music was created in Jamaica around 1968.In 1960s, American music engineer emerged and led some forms of music performance.They traveled for inspiration, and some of them went to Jamaica.
Originally there were some singing artists in Jamaica, so folk music had been brewing. And the arrival of American music engineers was good opportunity for them to improve their music. Their courage to innovate and their acceptance for other cultures laid upon foundation of innovative music.

Originated from Jamaica, the name Reggae is actually the name of a street in Jamaica, which means trivia in daily life.Early Reggae music was one of their way to express protest, so most of the them was about social revolution or radical expressions. Sometimes you would feel how irony were the lyrics!
However, not every song was indignant. Some of them were out of justice, hope and lofty, and great love!In 1940s, the main sound equipment of reggae music, such as discs, amplifiers and large speakers, were all mobile on trucks, which not only made it easy for performers to play around, but also made Reggae more common.In 1960s, Reggae was very popular in Jamaica. Gradually, Reggae was integrated into Disco.In the ballroom, D. J adds a lot of Rap to Reggae, which not only strengthens the rhythm of the music, but also activates dancing masses.
Bob Marley is one of the most famous musicians in Jamaica and around the world, born on February 6, 1945, and died on May 11, 1981.He is the father of Reggae music. He successfully introduced Jamaica reggae into the West, which had great influence on Western pop music. There is Memorial for Bob Marley in the capital of Kingston.

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