Reggae Bar in Cixi is more than a bar. It represents culture, aims for edification,and provides people with immersive environment.

The spirit of reggae music lies in its openness, freedom, ease and unbounded love, just as even poor people in Jamaica didn't have money and food, still they could express themselves through music.This is origins of Reggae Bar.
The environment of Reggae is very pleasant. It locates in the south-east of Cixi Ci Park, alongside the Hushan River.Reggae is also one of few bars in the city center.

What is the purpose of Reggae?

We aims to advocates reggae culture. With the theme of reggae music, we aims to bring authentic reggae music to more people who don't know about it yet, and brings together people who like reggae for sharing.  Reggae music is art and culture.You should know about historical background when listening to music, especially regae.True listening is listening with understanding of each word of Reggae.At Reggae Bar, you will know about the origins,history,and its political and religious implications.
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